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From Brian Millett <>
Subject The requested URI "/cocoon/samples/welcome/" was not found ????
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 20:11:59 GMT
  I've checked out from CVS cocoon2 as of 1/20/04.  Built the webapp &
war just fine on my Fedora box with java version "1.4.2_02" to include
the samples.  Ran the "./ servlet" to test and got the welcome
page.  Checked out the samples and really like the direction "woody" is
taking.  So I moved the war file to tomcat 5.1.16, copied the
lib/endorsed/x* to the jakarta-tomcat/common/endorsed dir.  Started
tomcat, went to http://localhost:8080/cocoon and saw a beautiful welcome
page.  Clicked on the samples link and got an error "Resource not found

Ok, I've looked to see if there are some jars missing, or not included,
but I do not see anything.

Any ideas?  Thanks.

Brian Millett  -  Technologist Rex 
"May I ask what you are discussing here?" 
'The only thing that matters, the truth.' 
"Ah yes, the favorite song of the legally ignorant." 
        -- Guinevere Corey and Sheridan, "There All The Honor Lies"

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