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From Chris Wilder-Smith <>
Subject Authentication Framework and session timeout
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 21:20:51 GMT

We're using the cocoon authentication framework for a project.  When you
log in directly everything works fine.  I expected that after a server
restart or a session timeout that you'd get bumped to the login page
automatically if you hit a 'next page' or typed a URL into the middle of
the site.  

It looks like this is what is starting to happen, but then I get hit
with a 'Redirection limit for this URL exceeded' message.  

If I follow it manually, it looks like there are about three
redirections that would happen when you hit the auth-protect action.  

Does anyone have an explanation for what is happening - and better yet,
a solution (or at least some clues)



Chris Wilder-Smith
Principal Technical Architect   
CAST: 781-245-2212              Home Office: 508-650-8885
AIM:  ChrisWSAtWork             ICQ: 95325318

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