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From "Jay" <>
Subject RE: AW: Session Lost between Tomcat and Cocoon
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 15:03:53 GMT
By the way, we do know that the Cocoon interaction is the issue. To get
around it temporarily we put in a hack to call a shell script that curls
the report into a .pdf file which is then loaded into the window instead
and that works.

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From: [] 
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 3:18 AM
Subject: Re: AW: Session Lost between Tomcat and Cocoon


we loose session information only because mod_proxy (to use apache at 
front), so i think that the problem is not between tomcat - cocoon but
connection with apache

i have post a similar message some time ago and the only solution was to

use cookies to store information instead of session.


On Wed, 14 Jan 2004, Markus Heussen wrote:

> MessageHi Jay,
> maybe we have the same problem. Actually till now we did not assume 
> that Cocoon could be the problem but maybe it is. We use Tomcat 
> 4.1.28, Cocoon 2.0.3, Sun JDK 1.3.1_07b, Windows 2K Server, Apache 1.3

> with mod_jk1 in front to load balance.
> Our application stores all form values of the user in session 
> attributes of type string and two axis soap responses in a dom session

> using read/writeDOMsessionTransformer. We have two complex matchers in

> our pipeline. At first we check if there is a valid session using the 
> session-isvalid action before anything else will be processed. So 
> there must be a valid session otherwise the user cannot access the 
> page.
> The page itselfs starts with a xsp generator using the xsp-session 
> logicsheet to get the session attribute values. Sometimes it occures 
> that session attributes are lost. The problem occurs even at times 
> there is no load on our page.
> We send a post to the tomcat users list but anybody seems to have the 
> same problems. Can anyone give us a hint?
> Markus
>   -----Ursprungliche Nachricht-----
>   Von: Jay
>   Gesendet: Dienstag, 13. Januar 2004 23:34
>   An:
>   Betreff: Session Lost between Tomcat and Cocoon
>   Versions being used:    Tomcat 4.0.6, Cocoon 2.1.3, Sun JDK
> Linux Gentoo 1.4
>   Our basic problem is that our application, which is run on Tomcat 
> (just a collection of .jsp files mostly) calls Cocoon (via a call to
> http://ipaddress:8888/reportx.pdf) to generate .pdf reports. But once 
> that happens, the session information is lost. Specifically, you still

> have a session, but with a different session id than before (and all 
> of the previously saved information is gone).
>   So it appears the the session is now overridden by Cocoon. So is 
> there a way to configure Cocoon to not do so?
>   We also tried running Cocoon under a separate JVM but got the same 
> results. You must refresh the app at this point because it no lost all

> information stored about itself.
>   Thanks,
>   Jay

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