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From "Lars Huttar" <>
Subject centralized location for pointers to 3rd-party components?
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 20:45:11 GMT
Hi all,

I was recently reading the article
in which the following quote caught my attention:

"There is an amazingly large set of Zope plugins available at -- 655 at last count.
party integrations/extensions are starting to appear for Cocoon, but they are still largely
experimental. This difference is not due merely to issues such as a lack of developer "critical
mass" or project size. The Zope community has leveraged Zope's ability to administer and add
website content through the web to make it easy for community members to add and maintain
documentation and download areas for their own extension products. Cocoon does not yet have
official channel setup for maintaining and distributing add-ons, which means the only ones
that are
generally available are those that are officially part of the Cocoon project. Since most community
members do not have write access to the project archives, this severely limits growth in this
It is interesting to note that the Zope web site does not actually host any of the development
projects for the third-party add-ons, it merely acts as a catalog or clearing house for them."

The above was written Nov. 2002; some of it is doubtless out of date.
Nevertheless, as I search for a centralized list of third-party
Cocoon add-ons, I come up empty. All I found was an item on the
Cocoon wiki wishlist (
wishing for one.
I added a comment seconding the motion.

It would be great to have a centralized place where third-party
add-ons are listed; it could be searchable by keyword and category;
the status of each project and a link to its homepage could be
presented there. This could include official Cocoon components as
well as third-party, experimental ones: the idea is to have a "one-stop
shop" for the components you need. There could be short descriptions,
links to documentation, compatibility notes, and even reviews
and ratings ("don't use this component!").

My thought was to just add a wiki page, "ComponentsList", and encourage
people to add pointers to their own projects to this page.
Of course that would only be a beginning... we'd ideally want
a formal database of projects, like on SourceForge or, which someone would
have to host and maintain.
Maybe someone would need to write a Cocoon application to
manage the list.

However, to get this catalog off the ground, maybe the best start
is just an easy wiki page.

The result would be that it would be easier for Cocoon users to find
out about the custom components that are available. This would mean
less reinventing of the wheel, and more collaboration on common
needs. And less ammo for those who would say Zope is better than
Cocoon. :-)

Any thoughts?
Has this been done or started anywhere, and I missed it?


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