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From "Jan Hoskens">
Subject [Woody] Repeater & TemplateTransformer
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 16:00:51 GMT

I got another strange thing going:

This is the good and working template part:

<wt:repeater-widget id="persons">
     <table class="persons">

        <td><wt:widget-label id="name"/>:</td>
        <td><wt:widget id="name"/></td>

This does give me the right output: a table with the persons.

When I want to use my own tags (maybe not necessary, but I'm using 'home-made' tags through
all my other pages) results in:
<wt:repeater-widget id="contactpersoon">
      <Atributes class="persons"/>
        <RowData><wt:widget-label id="name"/>:</RowData>
        <RowData><wt:widget id="name"/></RowData>

This gives me, well nothing at all! I've put these together in one template, but this latter
one gives a blank space while the former does not. In my final transformation I replace my
'home-made' tags with the correct ones, and leave the others as is, so it does have to give
the same result (a table with 'home-made' tags that isn't in a repeater does give the correct

I thought the templatetransformer filled in the fields and just copied the stuff in bewteen
the repeater for each row, but apparently it does not??


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