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From "Brent L Johnson" <>
Subject Multiple DB Inserts for XSP?
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 21:42:49 GMT
(Hope Im not spamming the mailing list.. I'm sending this
a third time because I'm not seeing it coming through the
mailing list.. I resubscribed to the list and tried again)

I'm using the authentication framework to handle logins
on the site I'm working on.  When the login is handled successfully the
pipeline should do a map:generate for an XSP that does a database insert
into a login_log table.

But - when I login.. I get TWO rows into the database,
for one single insert.  I'm not sure how this is happening.. sometimes
the timestamp between the inserts is 2-3 seconds.

Its only me logging in.. no one else.. this is just really driving me
crazy.  Here's is the auth snippet from my sitemap:

    <map:match pattern="performLogin.html">
        <map:act type="auth-loggedIn">
            <map:parameter name="handler" value="authhandler"/>
            <map:redirect-to uri="main.html"/>
        <map:act type="auth-login">
            <map:parameter name="handler" value="authhandler"/>
            <map:parameter name="parameter_userid"
            <map:parameter name="parameter_password"

            <map:generate type="serverpages" src="loginComplete.xsp"/>
            <map:transform src="styles/welcome.xsl" type="xslt"/>
            <map:transform src="styles/main.xsl"/>
            <map:serialize type="html"/>
        <!-- authentication failed: -->
        <map:generate src="login.xml"/>
        <map:transform src="styles/main.xsl">
            <map:parameter name="failure" value="true"/>
        <map:serialize type="html"/>

And here is the exact esql code I'm using in loginComplete.xsp (where
the insert is being done):

                insert into login_log (login, timestamp, host, results)
values (<esql:parameter><xsp-request:get-parameter
name="userid"/></esql:parameter>, NOW(),

I've searched.. there is no other code that inserts data into this
table.  And that file only appears ONCE in the whole sitemap.xmap file.
Right there in performLogin.html.

I cleared out my database table, tried a single login.. and here are the
| id | login | timestamp           | results | host          |
| 17 | vha   | 2004-01-23 15:01:18 | SUCCESS | |
| 18 | vha   | 2004-01-23 15:01:21 | SUCCESS | |

Does anyone have any idea why it's doing this?  I'm sure it some small
stupid mistake on my part.. but I'm have a hard time trying to pin down
why this code would be executing twice.

And notice that 3 second gap in the timestamp.  That seems strange. I've
seen it as large as 5 seconds.. sometimes its the same.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


- Brent

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