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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: cocoon-blank.war
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 13:38:36 GMT

Probably the absolute minimum would be XML->XSL->HTML
and nothing else.

Not sure how many people would use it just like that, but
its not hard to imagine that this is very simple starting
point for anyone coming into XML web publishing.  What
modules you add *after* that would certainly differ...


>>> 2003/12/08 03:31:31 PM >>>
Derek Hohls wrote:

> Thorsten
> There has already been extensive discussion on this topic;
> well, make that over-extensive discussion...  browse the
> mail archives and see for yourself all the pros and cons
> of the debate.
> Bottom line is:
> * there is no simple way to do this
> * it may still happen in Cocoon 2.2 (or at least be easy 
> for you to do yourself)

Actually, It's quite easy to do now with 2.1 - just copy to and exclude everything you

don't want.

My personal theory here is that everyone has the _illusion_ that they 
all have common basic needs.  As an intellectual exercise, try to come

to an agreement here on what blocks should be excluded/included by 

I've never used FOP, so you'd have my -1 on that for starters! :P


>>>> 2003/12/06 12:40:04 AM >>>
> Hello group,
> At work I am building web apps with struts. There you have a 
> struts-blank.war and some examples. That is much easier to start. You

> just have to unzip or unrar the war and you can start building your 
> webapp. You don't have a 90 MB big dist.. Ok, I admit that cocoon
> depend 
> on examples to show what u can do with it, but why can we have a 
> blank.war besides the full dist.
> *Proposal*:
> KISS -> Keep It Simple and Successful. A lot of user just need the 
> XML,XSL and maybe FOP modul, why not provide such a dist? I know
> a 
> wiki page to do it but why can't we provide it?
> </thorsten>
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