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From "Scherler, Thorsten" <>
Subject Re: Redistribution of a cocoon-blank.war by myself?
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 19:18:02 GMT
Hola Antonio (¿Eres de España?), hello Jean and all other.
1.) Gracias for the short Howto, Antonio.
2.) Wiki page about this topic:
3) The cocoon-blank.war would lower the entry barriers I have to admit 
but this is not the aim. The aim is to have a quick start!
At work I prefer to take the basis (cocoon, lenya, struts, ...) of my 
webapp and put the stuff I need (new or additional components) into it. 
Maybe there are people who are doing it the same way ;-). ...*cocoon 
servlet* ...that's a *low entry barrier*. ;-) LOL
4) I use cocoon with different other components. At my new job I have to 
develope a lot of webapps. For me it has to be quick and easy. If I 
don't *NEED* to rebuild cocoon *ALL* the times, just once, I go for 
once! Using a cocoon-blank.war is fast and easy! Like the 
struts-blank.war just extract the war but it in your IDE an work with 
5) Like Jean stated even a *EASY* cocoon rebuild can fail. I don't 
*NEED* that!
my 2cents.

*BUT* nobody said something about the cocoon-blank.war *LEGAL* aspect.
>>>> Scherler, Thorsten dijo:
...My question is can I create one and put it on my
web-page for other users? ...or will I have legal problems? I will NOT 
sell it, I just want to offer it to other user!

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