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From Sully <>
Subject CLI User Agent not working?
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 08:31:12 GMT
Hi All,

I'm wanting to use a different stylesheet depending if it's the CLI 
looking at the page or a normal browser, the way I'm doing it is working 
fine online though won't work offline, changing user agents to what I'm 
setting the cli to is showing the correct display, however when I'm 
generating via the CLI it's never being selected, which I can only 
assume means that it's not passing the user-agent correctly.

I'm using a clean install of 2.1.3 (latest from the website), jvm is 
1.4.1 running on linux

I've included the relevant portions (simplified) of my sitemap below

<browser name="CLI" useragent="CLI"/>

<map:select type="browser">
	<map:when test="CLI">
		<map:transform src="stylesheets/offline.xsl"></map:transform>
		<map:transform src="stylesheets/online.xsl"></map:transform>

and the relevant portion of cli.xconf is

<user-agent>CLI 2.1</user-agent>

I have attempted setting -a "CLI 2.1" on the command line without any 

if I have my browser set to CLI 2.1 then I am able to view the content 
generated by offline.xsl

any help greatly appreciated!

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