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From "Markus Heussen" <>
Subject [Woody] wd:datatype base="date" -> setLenient(false) behavior
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2003 14:22:45 GMT
If the input of the date form field is for example "31.02.2004" after
submission this value is automatically set to "02.03.2004".

How can I change this behavior? Is there a attribute I can set in the woody
binding or definition file to get the behavior like using the
"setLenient(false)" method in java?

Thanks for your help!


woody defintion:

<wd:field id="vn_geburtsdatum" required="true">
	<wd:datatype base="date">

woody binding:

<wb:value id="vn_geburtsdatum" path="v:Geburtsdatum">
	<wd:convertor datatype="date" type="formatting">

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