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Subject RE: rewriteURL of flow?
Date Sun, 28 Dec 2003 22:50:54 GMT

> Do you understand the difference between cocoon.sendPage() and 
> cocoon.sendPageAndWait()? If you only need sendPage, you don't need 

Hmm. I think understand the difference, but cannot really produce examples
to support it. So maybe I don't understand it. 
I'm basically using forms (preferably with Woody widgets) to get input from
the user that I have to transfer to my database. Do I need "sendPageAndWait"
if I need to do field validations?

> Note, global flow variables are held in the session, so state 
> can easily be kept there.

I think I'm beginning to understand this. 

> You have a choice. Either in the URL, or as a hidden form element. 

Ok, clear, but, just to verify my understanding, would the form look
something like this:

<form action="someURLwithAction" method="POST">
<input type="hidden" name="#{$continuation/id}"/>
<input [other fields]/>

Thanks and bye, Helma

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