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From "David Rogers" <>
Subject Deja Vu: ReadDOMSession Transformer
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 07:07:15 GMT this is the same problem I was having before the
GhentTogether..All that beer made me  forget about the bug...

in Cocoon 2.1.1 the ReadDOMSessoin transformer is inserting the xml
prolog into the sax stream...killing any down stream transform...

so this looks like it has either been a bug since 2001 or re appeared
i see a mail about it...

In any case looks like noone is using the ReadDOMSession Transformer as it
is broke? So it should either be fixed or taken out of the docs. I dont see
a mention of it in bugzilla. Can someone confirm it has not been fixed in
2.1.3. I will open a bug this time if it is not fixed in 2.1.3.. I promise.

Also, i guess a wiki entry would be appropriate saying that the read dom
session transformer dont work if that is indeed the case.

So... what is the suggested method of inserting something in the session
into the pipeline in the middle of a document or is this not currently



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