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From Joose Vettenranta <>
Subject upgraded to cocoon 2.1 and fop is not working
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 11:18:26 GMT

I upgraded to cocoon 2.1.2  and FOP stoped working. According to the 
logs, page is rendered, but nothing is sent to browser. I am trying to 
use fop-sample which came with cocoon.

First I tried with java 1.4.1 but it didn't work (worked with cocoon 
2.0.3) and now using 1.4.2_02 java.

I have checked that it outputs nothing with Safari and Lynx.

I am using DEBUG as debug level.

Nothing interesting in tomcat logs (using debug="1")

ps output:
/usr/java/j2sdk1.4.2_02/bin/java -server -Xmx1536m -Xincgc 
-Djava.awt.headless=true -Djava.endorsed.dirs= -classpath 
-Dcatalina.base=/var/tomcat4 -Dcatalina.home=/var/tomcat4

error.log: empty
INFO    (2003-12-04) 13:02.51:604   [sitemap.sitemap.serializer.fo2pdf] 
(/samples/fop/hello.pdf) Thread-10/FOTreeBuilder: building formatting 
object tree
INFO    (2003-12-04) 13:02.51:614   [sitemap.sitemap.serializer.fo2pdf] 
(/samples/fop/hello.pdf) Thread-10/MessageHandler: setting up fonts
INFO    (2003-12-04) 13:02.52:644   [sitemap.sitemap.serializer.fo2pdf] 
(/samples/fop/hello.pdf) Thread-10/PageSequence: [1]
DEBUG   (2003-12-04) 13:02.52:929   [sitemap.sitemap.serializer.fo2pdf] 
(/samples/fop/hello.pdf) Thread-10/StreamRenderer: Last page-sequence 
produced 1 pages.
INFO    (2003-12-04) 13:02.52:929   [sitemap.sitemap.serializer.fo2pdf] 
(/samples/fop/hello.pdf) Thread-10/FOTreeBuilder: Parsing of document 
complete, stopping renderer
DEBUG   (2003-12-04) 13:02.52:946   [sitemap.sitemap.serializer.fo2pdf] 
(/samples/fop/hello.pdf) Thread-10/StreamRenderer: Initial heap size: 
DEBUG   (2003-12-04) 13:02.52:947   [sitemap.sitemap.serializer.fo2pdf] 
(/samples/fop/hello.pdf) Thread-10/StreamRenderer: Current heap size: 
DEBUG   (2003-12-04) 13:02.52:947   [sitemap.sitemap.serializer.fo2pdf] 
(/samples/fop/hello.pdf) Thread-10/StreamRenderer: Total memory used: 
DEBUG   (2003-12-04) 13:02.52:948   [sitemap.sitemap.serializer.fo2pdf] 
(/samples/fop/hello.pdf) Thread-10/StreamRenderer:   Memory use is 
indicative; no GC was performed
DEBUG   (2003-12-04) 13:02.52:948   [sitemap.sitemap.serializer.fo2pdf] 
(/samples/fop/hello.pdf) Thread-10/StreamRenderer:   These figures 
should not be used comparatively
DEBUG   (2003-12-04) 13:02.52:949   [sitemap.sitemap.serializer.fo2pdf] 
(/samples/fop/hello.pdf) Thread-10/StreamRenderer: Total time used: 

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