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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: Flowscript and POST's
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2003 12:13:56 GMT
Michael Lucas-Smith wrote:

>Monday, December 22, 2003, 12:05:07 PM, you wrote:
>I've dug a little deeper. I've made my backend match use the wsproxy
>generator and now it almost 'just works'.
>When I say 'just works', the values in the POST have been sent to the
>backend, without anything special required, but the values of the POST
>have been sent as parameters!
>I assume this is a bug in the wsproxy generator, as I've told the
>wsproxy generator to use a wsproxy-method of POST - which it does, but
>then proceeds to use parameters instead of body content.
The WSProxyGenerator uses a HTTPClient that is capable of posting XML as 
the entire post body. However, it doesn't (AFAIK) pass this 
functionality on to the Cocoon user. If you are able to make it do so, I 
think it would be a useful, and potentially quite simple, patch. Are you 
willing/able to have a go?

Regards, Upayavira

>Apart from this slight problem, which may not ever be a problem,
>things are back on track.
>MLS> Hi,
>MLS> I'm new to this crowd and I'm no Cocoon expert.
>MLS> I've just started to play with the flowscript part of Cocoon and have
>MLS> found it very interesting.
>MLS> I've got an immediate use I can put it to in one of my company's
>MLS> projects, but my lack of understanding has left me with a problem.
>MLS> I have a situation where Cocoon is the web front end to a backend
>MLS> system. Cocoon requests XML from the backend system.
>MLS> I have some XSLT that outputs input forms against the XML's original
>MLS> data and allows the user to POST in changes to the document.
>MLS> I'd like to use flowscript to switch which page the user sees
>MLS> depending on the success/failure of the backend operation.
>MLS> Thus far I have:
>MLS> <match pattern="**/*.form">
>MLS>        <call function="submit">
>MLS>              <parameter name="actionurl"
>MLS>              value="resource/{1}/{2}.server"/>
>MLS>              <parameter name="success" value="success.html"/>
>MLS>              <parameter name="failure" value="../{1}/{2}.html"/>
>MLS>        </call>
>MLS> </match>
>MLS> function submit() {
>MLS>          var result = new
>MLS> cocoon.processPipelineTo(cocoon.parameters.actionurl, {},
>MLS>          result);
>MLS>          result = result.toString();
>MLS>          cocoon.redirectTo(cocoon.paramters.failure);
>MLS> }
>MLS> The POST goes to the .form match which then calls the flowscript.
>MLS> Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be an obvious way to POST on
>MLS> this POST to the backend pipeline, which I was hoping to do using
>MLS> processPipelineTo with my actionurl parameter.
>MLS> Has any one got any idea how I can 'push' that POST on to my backend
>MLS> easily?
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