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From David Hello <>
Subject Re: Launching 2 cocoons simultenaously
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2003 14:39:39 GMT
Hassan Abolhassani wrote:

>>What is the way to put more than one cocoon in the same servlet container?
>You can have different directory names in your webapps. For example copy
>your cocoon to cocoon1 and cocoon2 in your webapp directory and then you
>have two instances.
>Anyway I have noticed that doing this way, a lot of memory will be captured
>by two copies. It is worth to make light version of them for better memory
>usage (i.e. remove some unnecessary components from your cocoon.xconf)
OK, but I don't understand how the server will know wich libs will be used.
If we launch two cocoon of different version, how the server will know 
wich version of libs or .class to use.
That libs are in WEB-INF/lib, so are shared by all the directory in my 
How to put simultaneously 2.1.1 libs, and 2.1.3 libs for example, 
without conflict...

Thanks a lot,

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