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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Re: cocoon-blank.war II
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2003 05:16:16 GMT
Geoff Howard wrote:


> great!
>> My idea was to offer cocoon creator. It's a web application (at the of 
>> this writing in PHP -- I will convert it to cocoon if the concept is 
>> good enough) asking you some build-specific question (JDK to build, 
>> Cocoon version, blocks to include). Based on this information it will 
>> start to build a customized version of cocoon and offer it to download 
>> to user.
> I have considered doing something like this with Ant which has built in 
> support for interactive properties which can also be scripted for later 
> rebuilds.  But I think your idea of doing it over the web is worth 
> pursuing (except you're stuck paying for the bandwidth).
> As I see it, these are the problems people have with the build process:
> 1) emotional shock at having to build at all.
> 2) java environment problems (jvm instead of jdk, JAVA_HOME not set, 
> endorsed libs problem?)
> 3) winzip empty libs problem
> 4) failure to read INSTALL.txt
> 5) trouble deciphering the options in and 
> 6) misinterpreting build output (warnings!=failure !)
> the web based builder idea helps with all of those, except postpones the 
>  problem with java environment (#2).

I remember a friend doing this, but for the Linux kernel :()

This will all be obsolete when 2.2 comes around and we have "real" 
blocks.  Until then, why not explore some ideas?

Another idea:  Someone should built a naked Cocoon, and we could 
distribute it on BitTorrent.  We'd just need lots of people hosting it.


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