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From Patrick Hess <>
Subject cocoon-blank.war II
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2003 16:37:56 GMT

Hi Cocoon-Users,

I followed the threads about a blank cocoon.war and I can understand the 
arguments of the people voting agains something like this and I can 
understand the problem some users have. When I started in the area of 
web applications it was often hard for me to solve even the simplest 
problems -- having such an option would have saved me lots of hours of work.

So yesterday evening I started to hack a small project that I would like 
to introduce now and get some feedback - maybe it will again this week 
if you convince me :)

My idea was to offer cocoon creator. It's a web application (at the of 
this writing in PHP -- I will convert it to cocoon if the concept is 
good enough) asking you some build-specific question (JDK to build, 
Cocoon version, blocks to include). Based on this information it will 
start to build a customized version of cocoon and offer it to download 
to user.

The basics are there and I'm happy with current state. This evening I 
will do some polishing and hope to get somebody of you for testing and 
critics. This is why I'm NOT going to publish the URL right now.

I really really enjoy cocoon and for me it's the best piece of software 
in terms of web publishing that I've found in the last years so this may 
be a way to give back something to the cocoon community until my cocoon 
skills are good enough to give back some really usefull stuff :)))

Because of time needed to build a complete .war file I'm running only 
one build at the same time so it may take a while until the user really 
gets the file. Because of the bandwidth I will also restrict the amount 
of downloads to around 20-30 per day (or 1000 per month, don't know yet...)

If someone is interested in testing this app please contact me and I 
will send you the URL.

Any other comments, flames or ideas are also welcome!

Thanks for your time...
Patrick Hess

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