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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: Woody repeater binding
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 19:32:31 GMT
(and copying dev since we're having some repeater-binding related 
discussions there lately)

congrats with another very sensible use case, you seem to be building a 
catalog of those :-) pls keep 'em comming

as for the issue at hand, I'm a bit afraid it's a no go here and now.

1/ purely declaratively in the binding-def file this would require a 
more self-contained description of the binding used for the unique-key stuff

(if you check the code of the repeater-binding you would see that it 
uses a simple value-binding to do the binding of the unique-id to/from 
the unique-path)

if we could allow for letting this unique-id-binding be user defined 
through some nested

   <unique-id> goes your binding declaration...

then we are already half way there...
(for your case you could then use a nested aggregate binding or even the 
new struct-container from Timothy)

2/ finally implementation-wise this would call for a change in the 
interface of the binding... next to load() and save() methods we would 
need some hasMatchingValue() check method that can be used for the 
matching of the values

(currenlty the repeater impl also remembers the unique-id and -path and 
abuses that do the matching on a more direct level. By introducing the 
new check-method we can keep on hiding those details into the 
specialized binding itself)

hope this makes sense?
unfortunately I can't work on this before friday, I do hope it's not 
blocking your activity


Jan Hoskens wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to bind an XML document to my woody form. The repeater 
> requires a unique-row-id and unique-path for every row. My rows do not 
> have one unique attribute but they do have a unique combination of 
> attributes. e.g:
>         <TVSeries id="buffy"  episode="10"/>
> The two attributes together do define a unique row, but each attribute 
> apart is not unique. Is there any way to use these attributes together 
> as my 'row-identifier' or do I have to create an extra unique attribute?
> Greetings
> Jan

Marc Portier                  
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