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From joakim verona <>
Subject Re: instability of cocoon image reader?
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 19:14:21 GMT

>>My tomcat goes from 97 mb to 115 mb, according to top. When this happens
>>tomcat throws a "OutOfMemory" exception,
>>but continues working. Cocoon then gets a "truncatedfile" exception in
>>the image routines.
>Are you tried allow Tomcat to use more memory? Maybe you need to play with
>some switches inside Tomcat. The same apply when you are using FOP.
>Maybe if you increase the memory for Tomcat it would be able to render
>more images at once. Can you make the test of it?
Yes, I will test, but I have to figure out the correct switches first.

Maybe it will work if I allocate enough memory, but it doesn't seem right.

"OutOfMemory" should only be thrown after garbage collect, and I can't 
see why
if I have only two ImageReaders configured, it will eat more memory than 
needed to
scale two images. It feels like theres memory leakage, and if so, it 
will never be robust.

Or is the cocoon pooling mechanism not working in this case? Do you have 
to do anything special
in a cocoon poolable class that might have been missed?

How do you debug memoy problems in Java anyway? With C/C++ development 
Valgrind and all sorts of cool tools.


>Best Regards,
>Antonio Gallardo
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