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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: cocoon-blank.war
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 13:31:31 GMT
Derek Hohls wrote:

> Thorsten
> There has already been extensive discussion on this topic;
> well, make that over-extensive discussion...  browse the
> mail archives and see for yourself all the pros and cons
> of the debate.
> Bottom line is:
> * there is no simple way to do this
> * it may still happen in Cocoon 2.2 (or at least be easy 
> for you to do yourself)

Actually, It's quite easy to do now with 2.1 - just copy to and exclude everything you 
don't want.

My personal theory here is that everyone has the _illusion_ that they 
all have common basic needs.  As an intellectual exercise, try to come 
to an agreement here on what blocks should be excluded/included by 

I've never used FOP, so you'd have my -1 on that for starters! :P


>>>> 2003/12/06 12:40:04 AM >>>
> Hello group,
> At work I am building web apps with struts. There you have a 
> struts-blank.war and some examples. That is much easier to start. You 
> just have to unzip or unrar the war and you can start building your 
> webapp. You don't have a 90 MB big dist.. Ok, I admit that cocoon
> depend 
> on examples to show what u can do with it, but why can we have a 
> blank.war besides the full dist.
> *Proposal*:
> KISS -> Keep It Simple and Successful. A lot of user just need the 
> XML,XSL and maybe FOP modul, why not provide such a dist? I know there
> a 
> wiki page to do it but why can't we provide it?
> </thorsten>
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