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From Michael Lucas-Smith <>
Subject Re[2]: Flowscript and POST's
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2003 22:52:00 GMT
>>I assume this is a bug in the wsproxy generator, as I've told the
>>wsproxy generator to use a wsproxy-method of POST - which it does, but
>>then proceeds to use parameters instead of body content.
U> The WSProxyGenerator uses a HTTPClient that is capable of posting XML as
U> the entire post body. However, it doesn't (AFAIK) pass this 
U> functionality on to the Cocoon user. If you are able to make it do so, I
U> think it would be a useful, and potentially quite simple, patch. Are you
U> willing/able to have a go?

I'm afraid not at the moment. My java knowledge is sketchy at best and
I'm very swamped with billable work.

Thanks for clarifying wsproxy generator's behaviour.


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