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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: Redistribution of a cocoon-blank.war by myself?
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 04:21:57 GMT
Scherler, Thorsten dijo:
> Hola Antonio (¿Eres de España?), hello Jean and all other.

Lo siento. No soy de España, soy de Nicaragua :-D
(I am sorry, I am not from Spain, I am from Nicaragua)

> 1.) Gracias for the short Howto, Antonio.
Glad to help you.

> 2.) Wiki page about this topic:

Of course the wiki page is more complete. And as we can see there. There
is not a blank.war solution that fit every need, the posibilities are big,
since we can combinate every blocks from all blocks included to no one
included. How many blanks.war are avaliable? The answer is:


where number_of_blocks is:

stable blocks = 25
unstable blocks = 24
deprecated = 1
Total = 50

If you solve this question, you will see there are too much posible
blanks.war and we will need Terabytes to store it. In short a non-sense.

For this reasons is that the current distribution is not compiled. This
avoid people to think there is the best choose.

In my early Cocoon days, there was nothing like this. I builded an
application that have all the code included (at that time there was not a
block concept with the nice switches [TM] that currently we have).

It was a great beast and of course I just used 4 or 5 blocks. The rest was
there doing nothing or just for free using some memory and creating
overhead in the application.

> 3) The cocoon-blank.war would lower the entry barriers I have to admit
> but this is not the aim. The aim is to have a quick start!

I understand, but for a demo quick start you have:

./ servlet

Nothing like this was before. It is simply great.

After you do this, then you can look for a customized start in this way
the user just need to "hack" and and voila.

BTW, I often works with the CVS version and when there is a change inside
the code I used, the I rebuild it. Sometimes it is more than once at a

> At work I prefer to take the basis (cocoon, lenya, struts, ...) of my
> webapp and put the stuff I need (new or additional components) into it.
> Maybe there are people who are doing it the same way ;-). ...*cocoon
> servlet* ...that's a *low entry barrier*. ;-) LOL


I use Tomcat for my development needs. :-D

> 4) I use cocoon with different other components. At my new job I have to
> develope a lot of webapps. For me it has to be quick and easy. If I
> don't *NEED* to rebuild cocoon *ALL* the times, just once, I go for
> once! Using a cocoon-blank.war is fast and easy!

Yep. I do this. I just rebuild once and then copy the files to the
applications we develop. Currently we are mantaining 4 applications. I
build just once and copy files to them

The only problem is with the cocoon.xconf this currently must be done by

> Like the
> struts-blank.war just extract the war but it in your IDE an work with
> it! *FAST&EASY*

Don't know struts, sorry, I am a 100% Cocoon developer anything outside is
unknow to me ;-DDDD Really I never used Struts in my life.

> 5) Like Jean stated even a *EASY* cocoon rebuild can fail. I don't
> *NEED* that!
> my 2cents.

another problem is we support 2 version of Java 1.3 and 1.4 So the answer
to the above maths problem we need to multiply by 2.
> *BUT* nobody said something about the cocoon-blank.war *LEGAL* aspect.

Sorry, but I cannot answer this question. I am not lawyer. :-(

>>>>> Scherler, Thorsten dijo:
> ...My question is can I create one and put it on my
> web-page for other users?

See the beginning of the mail, in short: "there is no one shirt for every
posible size".

> ...or will I have legal problems? I will NOT
> sell it, I just want to offer it to other user!
> </thorsten>

As before, I cannot give you green light in this. I am not lawyer. But
maybe you will read this:

I think the blank.war can be considered a binary distribution.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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