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From Nicolas Toper <>
Subject Re: XSL a processor hog?
Date Fri, 26 Dec 2003 11:20:27 GMT
You should try using Saxon which should be twice as fast and if you're not 
using it already: XLTC instead of XSLT
Le Vendredi 26 Décembre 2003 12:11, Nuno Miguel Borges Leong a écrit :
> Hi,
> We have a web application using cocoon for presentation layer. I'm
> currently trying to optimise our XSL stylesheets since our initial results
> have shown it to be consuming too much processing time. Our pipeline
> structure consists in having a XSP generator (which uses SOAP requests to
> gather XML data) followed by 3-4 XSL transformations to process and
> transform it in HTML.
> Our initial results sat somewhere between 1200-1500 ms for a single request
> (this is processing time for XSL only). I've since rebuild the XSL from
> scratch and i'm estimating 200-250ms for a single request. Still, i think
> this is too much. I'm finding XSL processing to be extremely slow (just
> copying the root element takes somewhere between 20-50 ms). Is this normal
> or i may doing something stupid ?
> Using cocoon 2.1 over tomcat4.1.27 on a 2xP3-500 with 1Gb RAM. (CPU/memory
> never reaches 100% usage during tests. No swaps.). Using standard
> tomcat/cocoon configuration with Xalan XSLT processor.
> Thanks

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