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From Timothy Larson <>
Subject Re: Woody referencing/copying widgets?
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2003 13:51:17 GMT
--- Jan Hoskens <> wrote:
> You're right, the class/new combination is close tho what I was thinking of!
> Only, I don't see this in combination with a binding file (yet?).  It would

It is not in the patch file yet, but I have class/new working in the binding
also.  Will be uploading soon, possibly today but no guaranties on the timing.

> be nice to use a sort of catalog, as you mentioned. Creating your widgets,
> putting them in appropriate catalog files and then including them in your
> actual definition file (something like the <cinclude:include
> src="catalog...">). One definition per widget for all your different forms!

I would be very happy if someone extended the code to also use external
definitions.  From a design standpoint, I was thinking of making use of the
"cocoon:/" protocol to allow the external definitions to reside anywhere.

> Thankz Marc! I'll be trying out that class/new stuff any moment now!

Let me know what you think, as I am working on the code now to get it ready
to commit to CVS.

BTW: Look at the "struct" widget in the patch also.  You can use it to wrap
a set of widgets in a namespace to prevent naming conflicts.  This comes in
handy when using "new" to create several instances of the same "class" in
what would otherwise be the same namespace.

--Tim Larson

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