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From Frederic Gaus <>
Subject Re: Problems with simple-form transformer in 2.1.3
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 10:06:59 GMT
On Tue, Dec 02, 2003 at 08:33:24PM +0100, Christian Haul wrote:
> Christian Haul wrote:
> >>Hi!
> >>I used cocoon 2.1.1 with no problems (using Form-validation).
> >>After a update to 2.1.3, I got very many problems with the 
> >>simple-form-transformer.
> >>I have no solution to these problems, maybe someone could help me:
> >>
> >>in my source-xml I used error-tags like:
> >><error name="ID" when="is-null">Errormsg <br/></error>
> >>or
> >><error name="ID" when="too-many"><em>false</em></error>
> >>
> >>to get a line-break. This is not working any longer. After transforming
> >>a few tags are missing (not the <br>, but for example the </form>-Tag)
> >>and my xml gets invalid.
> I've tried to reproduce this with the samples to no avail. Everything
> seems to work fine here.

I also modified example two. I just added <br/> to every <error/> and I
is not working any longer (well, the example is still working, but look
at the html-code produced. This is not well-formated any longer!)

Ok, this is what I changed in the example:
I comment out the css-style for error-tags
	--> Example is still working
I changed every error tag from:
	<error attribute="value">Text</error>
	<error attribute="value">Text</br></error>
	--> Example is not working any longer, I get a

> >>I get an other problem while validating a form with an upload-element
> >>inside. To get the upload working I create a form-element with the
> >>attribute enctype="multipart/form-data
> You need to move the enctype attribute to the form tag and enable 
> uploads in Cocoon.

Yes, sorry, as I told, I've changed the cocoon-version. But I had 
forgotten to enable uploads.

So, on problem is solved, but the other one is still there - who can



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