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From Frederic Gaus <>
Subject Problems with simple-form transformer in 2.1.3
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 11:10:55 GMT

I used cocoon 2.1.1 with no problems (using Form-validation).
After a update to 2.1.3, I got very many problems with the 

I have no solution to these problems, maybe someone could help me:

in my source-xml I used error-tags like:
<error name="ID" when="is-null">Errormsg <br/></error>
<error name="ID" when="too-many"><em>false</em></error>

to get a line-break. This is not working any longer. After transforming
a few tags are missing (not the <br>, but for example the </form>-Tag)
and my xml gets invalid.

I get an other problem while validating a form with an upload-element
inside. To get the upload working I create a form-element with the

Doing this, even a valid input is detected as not valid :(

This could also be a problem of the form-validator-action, but I don't
belive because there was iirc no change in the source since version

Hope someone could help me..


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