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From "Stephanie Zohner" <>
Subject Bug in session-fw logicsheet (?)
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2003 15:22:44 GMT

I came accross the following problem recently, and I would like to know if
this is a bug in Session-Fw:

If you put a longer String in the session context e.g. authentication data
  <fullname>Stephanie Zohner</fullname>

and you try to retrieve it within an XSP-Page with

<xsp-session-fw:getxml as="string" context="authentication"

You don't get the whole String but only the first 6 chars or so, e.g.
"Stephan", the rest is ignored.

The reason is the attribute "as='string'", which causes the  Tag
<xsp-session-fw:getxml as="string" context="authentication"
path="/authentication/data/fullname"/> to be "transformed to"



However, the String "Stephanie Zohner" is not in one single (child) node,
but in 3 nodes. So the first Child Node Value includes only the first of 3
parts of the string.

I guess that this is not wanted, isn't it?



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