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From beyaRecords - The home Urban music <>
Subject Re: database issuses - (cocoon + mysql)
Date Sun, 28 Dec 2003 19:07:24 GMT
thanks for your advice. tried your suggestions but with no joy 
unfortunately. The page is not being processed as an xsl page for some 
bizarre reason, plus no connection to the database is being made.

I have checked the access.log file to see whether the mysql driver is 
being pre-loaded in the first instance and I get the following line 
written to the log file:

INFO    (2003-12-28) 14:07.51:261   [access] (Unknown-URI) 
Unknown-thread/CocoonServlet: Reloading from: 

But there is no specific mention of a mysql driver/database being 
loaded, is this correct


On 28 Dec 2003, at 17:19, wrote:

> I have done the exercises in Lajos and Jeremy's book, too, and had 
> similar problems. My only two suggesions would be:
> 1. Make sure there is no extraneous white space in your query. Returns 
> and spaces can make the query choke.
> 2. Looks like you have your datasources and drivers configured 
> correctly, so you be having a problem I had. I had created my MySQL db 
> under the default user on my Win2K machine and it would not let me 
> access it under any other user/password combination. I did not have 
> this problem when setting all this up on Linux for some reason. What I 
> had to do was wipe out the databases, log in to MySQL using the same 
> username and password that the Cocoon setup would be using, and create 
> the db and populate the tables.
> Good luck.
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