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From "Lars Huttar" <>
Subject 'sed'-like transformer in Cocoon?
Date Wed, 24 Dec 2003 18:10:02 GMT
Hi all,

Please cc: responses to me personally, as they may otherwise get
lost in the high volume of this list.

We have some data in a database that is accessed by a Cocoon
application for output to web pages.
This data contains ASCII character combinations to represent
non-ASCII characters, such as the two-character string "a#"
to represent a-with-acute-accent.

One option for dealing with this would be using a sed-like
transformer to do fixed string substitutions such as
on text nodes in an XML document.
This would make it very easy to translate the data
on its way into Cocoon, in a way controlled by the sitemap.

Does such a transformer exist for Cocoon?


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