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From "Olivier RICHAUD" <>
Subject RE : Cocoon and Jboss, help need (MORE INFO)
Date Mon, 29 Dec 2003 13:27:11 GMT
I had a closer look at my problem and it seems this is an issue with the
class loader used by the XSP compiler. When the XSP page is compiled the
compiler only looks at the librairies and class files located in
WEB-INF/classes and WEB-INF/lib. One solution is to clearly point to the
needed jars with the extra-classpath init parameter in web.xml.

I know Jboss doesn't have a J2EE behaviour concerning classloaders, but I
don't understand why XSP forces it.

Thanks for any help.

Happy new year.


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De : Olivier RICHAUD [] 
Envoyé : mardi 23 décembre 2003 17:19
À :
Objet : Cocoon and Jboss, help need

Hi all,

I'm using Cocoon 2.1 with Jboss 3.2.1 and the web interface is developped
with Cocoon as we manage a lot of XML files and render them in many
different format (HTML, XML, PDF...) . Everything works fine as long as all
the needed librairies are located in WEB-INF/lib. 

My directory direcrories are deployed as follows:

+- mood.ear                  <-------- The EAR that contains all
   +-- moodxml.sar           <-------- A Jboss service running a XML
database (eXist). All the neede librairies for eXist are deployed here
   +-- moodcore.sar          <-------- Our core server and all the libraries
   +-- mood.war              <-------- Web application deployed after the 2
previous services (assume librairies from other services can be found)

With Jboss, services are loaded and the librairies are shared among
everybody. We set the appropriate dependencies and mood.war is started after
the 2 services. With jboss, any jar used by the 2 services are shareed and
mood.war can rely on them. Obviously, this is not the case, and Cocoon
prevents this. The sole solution seems to tell Cocoon in the web.xml were
the librairies are located using the extra-classpath init parameter.

I tested this with JSP and it works fine. It seems there is a classloader
issue with Cocoon, or I may have correctly configured Cocoon. I've seen
there is a init-classloader option (turned to false by default). Frankly, I
don't see any difference as my XSP pages don't compile and complain
librairies are missing. I tried the Paranoid servlet and the result is worse
: Cocoon doesn't start anymore. And I'm a too lame Cocoon user to fully
understand and modify the cocoon.xconf file.

Any idea? 


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