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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: cocoon woody/flow question
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2003 09:19:58 GMT
Joakim Verona wrote:

> Thanks Joe,
> I understand this, but doesn't this mean that a woody flow function 
> can display only one form?
> The few examples I've seen also seem to imply this. The examples 
> generally show one woody form the proceed to some jxt template to show 
> results. Thats fine, but what if I'd like to build a wizard like GUI 
> which proceeds between several different forms?
> If each form needs to be initialized with the woody function, this 
> wouldn't work very well.
> I've been running cocoon 2.1.2, and I noticed that some of the woody 
> examples changed in 2.1.3. The "registration" example works the way 
> that seems logical to me, that is, a flow function is called and that 
> function creates the forms without the woody(f,f) function.

The "woody" function is a convenience function that basically creates a 
new Form and calls another function. You can easily avoid using it and 
directly call your own function. That's personally the way I do it.


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