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Subject Antwort: Re: build problem cocoon 2.1.3
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 15:21:31 GMT


the fix is to create an empty directory C:\tmp_code\cocoon-2.1.3

this empty directory is not included in the .zip distribution that i got


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                      an users                                                           

Strange. The directory should be there with a .cvsignore file in it.

Where do you have your Cocoon from? From one of the mirrors? Did you choose

the zip or the tar.gz? And I guess you used WinZip that ignores empty
directories? When building the dist maybe Ant ignores .cvsignore file.

A temporary fix for the problem is the creating of the directory

Joerg wrote:

> building cocoon 2.1.3 with "cocoon.bat webapp" aborts with
> cocoon-block-stx-compile:
> -----------------------------------------------
> ATTENTION: stx is marked unstable.
> It should be considered alpha quality
> which means that its API might change without notice.
> -----------------------------------------------
> stx-prepare:
> Created dir: C:\tmp_code\cocoon-2.1.3\build\cocoon-2.1.3\blocks\stx\dest
> Created dir: C:\tmp_code\cocoon-2.1.3\build\cocoon-2.1.3\blocks\stx\conf
> Copying 2 files to C:\tmp_code\cocoon-2.1.3\build\cocoon-2.1.3
> \blocks\stx\conf
> file:C:/tmp_code/cocoon-2.1.3/build/cocoon-2.1.3
> /temp/blocks-build.xml:6717: C:\
> tmp_code\cocoon-2.1.3\src\blocks\stx\java not found.
> Total time: 2 minutes 26 seconds
> building cocoon 2.1.2 with the same configuration was succesful. (jdk
> , win2000)
> any suggestions?
> Michael

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