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From "Steve Schwarz" <>
Subject Re: Uploading files with Cocoon 2.1 (one more)
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 23:20:51 GMT

>Steven Schwarz posted his own upload action, but I can't run it.
What error / failure condition are you getting? Please supply the logfile 
showing the action output.

>It contains a "request" action, that I don't need
It *has* to contain a request...that is where cocoon puts the 
directory/filename of the temporary location where it put the uploaded file. 
The action copies or moves the file from the temporary location to the final 
location you specify.

>and I think it is too complex.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder :^) It's only ~120 lines long and the 
vast majority of that is debug logging. I put all the logging to make it 
easy to debug when others use it.

This action has to handle three scenarios:
1. The input is a Part
2. The input is a PartOnDisk (the most common case)
3. The input is a PartOnDisk and it is not on the same filesystem as the 

Please run this action along with the pipelines I provided with debug turned 
on and submit the logs.
I can only help if you can provide specific problems.

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