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From Nadia BrĂ¼nning <>
Subject Re: lost session attribute with document()..please help
Date Sun, 30 Nov 2003 12:51:26 GMT
Hi Joerg,

hmm... i create the session after a succesfull login, this is based on the
session authentication sample.

<map:match pattern="do-login">
	  <!--  -->
	  <map:act type="form-validator">
	      <map:parameter name="descriptor"
	      <map:parameter name="validate" value="Username"/>
	      <!-- now try to log in -->
	      <map:act type="db-authenticator">
	          <map:parameter name="descriptor"
	          <!-- now go to start area -->
	          <map:redirect-to uri="start"/>
	  <!-- something was wrong, try it again -->
	  <map:redirect-to uri="error.html"/>

     <map:match pattern="start">
      	<map:act type="session-isvalid">
		<!-- von session-validator -->
		  <map:parameter name="descriptor"
		  <map:redirect-to uri="home/home.section"/>
		  <map:serialize type="html"/>
		<map:redirect-to uri="login"/>

and in the sitemap i pass the session parameter (<map:parameter
name="Username" value="{session-attr:Username}"/>) in every <map:transform>
to access them in xslt.

so when i call (http://localhost:8888/api/result.xsp) the xsp-file can
access the session-attribute... but when i include this xsp-file in xslt
(with document() ) i have the problem.

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