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From BRAUD Denis <>
Subject RE: JXForm (XMLForm), Hibernate, Flowscript and the prefs example
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 15:21:02 GMT
I've tried this. It works fine.
Thanks a lot.
Denis Braud

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De : Hugo Burm []
Envoyé : mardi 11 novembre 2003 19:37
À :
Objet : RE: JXForm (XMLForm), Hibernate, Flowscript and the prefs

The way an Avalon component is retreived in flowscript did change some
months ago.
You do not longer need to create a manager that has to do this lookup,
instead, you can do the lookup (and release!) with cocoon.getComponent.

I upgraded the Wiki page and the attachment.

I did only upgrade the jxforms example. Not the xmlforms. I marked the
latter as deprecated.

Hugo Burm

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From: BRAUD Denis []
Sent: Monday, November 10, 2003 6:08 PM
To: ''
Subject: RE: JXForm (XMLForm), Hibernate, Flowscript and the prefs example

I've tried the HowTo
with cocoon 2.1.2.
I had to modify some references because of changes in this new version :
flow.js :
sitemap :
old: <map:flow language="JavaScript">
new: <map:flow language="javascript">
old: <map:call function="jxForm">
new: <map:call function="jxform">
I still have a problem to get the componentManager in flow.js.
Any idea to correct this ?
Denis Braud
manager = cocoon.componentManager;"cocoon:"+cocoon);"manager:"+manager);
FOM_Cocoon$FOM_Log: cocoon:[object FOM_Cocoon]
FOM_Cocoon$FOM_Log: manager:undefined

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De : Hugo Burm []
Envoyé : jeudi 29 mai 2003 11:14
À :
Objet : JXForm (XMLForm), Hibernate, Flowscript and the prefs example

I posted an implementation of the prefs example:
to a Wiki page:
This examples uses JXForm and Hibernate for making the prefs persistent. The
Hibernate Sessionfactory is implemented in an Avalon component and created
from flowscript by the Cocoon componentmanager.
Hugo Burm

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