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From "JD Daniels">
Subject RE: Woody repeater with flow
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2003 15:53:02 GMT
Maybe a lil more info will get me some input :)

this is my flow:

function postInvoice(form) {
	var uri = "cocoon://xml.xsp";
	var resolver =
	var source = resolver.resolveURI(uri);
	var parser =
	var document =


	var model = form.getModel();

I don't get an error, but the repeater rows do not show up either.

	<wt:form-template action="#{$continuation/id}.continue" method="POST">
      <!-- manual layout of fieldw, without use of a wi:group -->
      <wt:widget-label id="ticket"/><br/>
      <wt:repeater-size id="ticket"/>
      <table border="1">
          <th><wt:repeater-widget-label id="ticket" widget-id="hours"/></th>
          <th><wt:repeater-widget-label id="ticket" widget-id="user"/></th>
          <th><wt:repeater-widget-label id="ticket"
          <th><wt:repeater-widget-label id="ticket"

        <!-- The contents of the repeater-widget element is a template that
        be applied to each row in the repeater. -->
        <wt:repeater-widget id="ticket">
            <td><wt:widget id="hours"/></td>
            <td><wt:widget id="user"/></td>
            <td><wt:widget id="client"/></td>
            <td><wt:widget id="project"/></td>
            <td><wt:widget id="select"/></td>

          <td colspan="5" align="right">
            <wt:widget id="deleteticket"/>


<wb:context xmlns:wb=""
xmlns:wd="" path="/">
	<wb:value id="ticket" path="results/ticket"/>
	<wb:value id="id" path="results/ticket/id"/>
	<wb:value id="select" path="results/ticket/id"/>
	<wb:value id="user" path="results/ticket/user"/>
	<wb:value id="project" path="results/ticket/project"/>
	<wb:value id="client" path="results/ticket/client"/>
	<wb:value id="hours" path="results/ticket/hours"/>


-----Original Message-----
From: JD Daniels []
Sent: Friday, November 14, 2003 4:48 PM
To: Cocoon Users
Subject: Woody repeater with flow

Say I have an xml document


How would I load this into a form, with repeater I have defined for itemOne.

Ie, I want to load a result set from a database, and display them all to the
user as a bunch of repaters with wd:output widgets, with a select widget to
remove them one by one before carrying on with an xsp to do something to the
ones left. I am sure binding will do this, but I am using flow, and kinda
lost as to how it actually will work. I have the template, definition, and
binding files done, kinda lost at the flow part.


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