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From "Schultz, Gary - COMM" <>
Subject RE: Content Updating
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 13:43:54 GMT
Take a look at the Morphon XML Editor:

Gary T. Schultz
Web Technical Administrator / GIS Coordinator
Wisconsin Department or Commerce

-----Original Message-----
From: Brent L Johnson []
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2003 4:26 PM
Subject: RE: Content Updating

> From: Chris Morgan [] 
> Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2003 4:46 PM
> To:
> Subject: RE: Content Updating
> I work for a textbook publisher and we have similar 
> requirements.  Basically, you need a client that will 
> generate some form of valid XML or XHTML.  From this, you can 
> transform and store it in a way that works for your 
> application.  There are a couple of possibilities that I know 
> of.  Each depends on the complexity of your metadata:
> 1. New content can be created via open office's document tool 
> or any of the other word processing packages that output XML. 
>  Most of these packages enable you to build macros that map 
> style settings to metadata. 
> 2. Existing, dynamic content can be updated via a text field 
> using DHTML to enable minimal markup (like most blogging 
> tools), a Java client, or Flash.  Our meta-data's pretty 
> complex, so we've developed a Flash interface based on 
> Macromedia's Rich Text Editor component.

Our metadata is simply basic text content (at least the
data that I'm allowing them to update).  Any more complicated
data will be update by myself.

> From: Joerg Heinicke [] 
> Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2003 4:48 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Content Updating
> For a really simple CMS you can also have a look at the 
> linotype block 
> delivered Cocoon 2.1.

I'll definitely take a look.  Yes this CMS is very simple - my
clients definitely need nothing more than to update paragraph
blocks with text (and maybe some very simple formatting tags).

Thanks all for the suggestions,

- Brent

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