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From Juan Ignacio Jiménez de Luis <>
Subject Re: CInclude & XInclude Transformers
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2003 20:51:50 GMT

El viernes, 28 novi, 2003, a las 14:33 Europe/Lisbon, Steve Schwarz 

> Nacho
> If I understand correctly, it looks like you can just create a 
> pipeline that serves your modified config file and then refer to it 
> using the cocoon: protocol when you need it.

> I do something similar - here is where I generate my config data (from 
> a db instead of a file)
> 	 <!-- Pull xml config data from database as XML -->
> [...]
> Then I cinclude the output in other pipellines by refering to it via  
> cocoon:/category or cocoon:/club

Yes, I didn't know if I could use the cocoon  protocol inside an 
Xinclude or Cinclude, or just traditional, web URLs.

I'm trying to completely personalize the experience of the site to the 
user, so that he can choose what to show on the customized page 
(filtered news, blogs, data, etc). I'll save the config file in a 
database and retrieve it when the user logs in. Then I merge all the 
selected content and transform it to XHTML with the selected skin 

> I found an interesting and (to me) unexpected effect when doing this. 
> The request to the cocoon protocol is the request as you've processed 
> it thus far, so you can use the request to modify the result of the 
> cincluded pipeline as you need.

What do you mean with that? The cocoon:// requests will use the same 
Request object and Session  than the main
pipeline, won't them?

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