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From Andrea Pöschel <>
Subject precompile xsp cocoon2.1
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 12:46:22 GMT
Problems with precomile xsp's (Cocoon 2.1)

I want precompile my xsp's with the Command line Interface using by
cli.xconf (Option precompile-only="true").
The xsp's are found, but not compiled.

snipped from cli.log
DEBUG   (2003-11-03) 13:40.46:457   [cli] (Unknown-URI)
Unknown-thread/LinkSamplingEnvironment: LinkSamplingEnvironment: uri = /
DEBUG   (2003-11-03) 13:40.46:457   [cli] (Unknown-URI)
Unknown-thread/Cocoon: XSP generation
DEBUG   (2003-11-03) 13:40.46:457   [cli] (Unknown-URI)
Unknown-thread/LinkSamplingEnvironment: LinkSamplingEnvironment: uri = /
DEBUG   (2003-11-03) 13:40.46:457   [cli] (Unknown-URI)
Unknown-thread/Cocoon: XSP generation

The method CocconComponentManager.getSitemapComponents() returned null,but
no Exception is thrown.
Can that be the reason?
I send you cli.xconf and a snippet from the build.xml

Thanks for your help!


<?xml version="1.0"?>

    |  This is the Apache Cocoon command line configuration file.
    |  Here you give the command line interface details of where
    |  to find various aspects of your Cocoon installation.
    |  If you wish, you can also use this file to specify the URIs
    |  that you wish to generate.
    |  The current configuration information in this file is for
    |  building the Cocoon documentation. Therefore, all links here
    |  are relative to the build context dir, which, in the build.xml
    |  file, is set to ${build.context}
    |  Options:
    |    verbose:            increase amount of information presented
    |                        to standard output (default: false)
    |    follow-links:       whether linked pages should also be
    |                        generated (default: true)
    |    precompile-only:    precompile sitemaps and XSP pages, but
    |                        do not generate any pages (default: false)
    |    confirm-extensions: check the mime type for the generated page
    |                        and adjust filename and links extensions
    |                        to match the mime type
    |                        (e.g. text/html->.html)
    |  Note: Whilst using an xconf file to configure the Cocoon
    |        Command Line gives access to more features, the use of
    |        command line parameters is more stable, as there are
    |        currently plans to improve the xconf format to allow
    |        greater flexibility. If you require a stable and
    |        consistent method for accessing the CLI, it is recommended
    |        that you use the command line parameters to configure
    |        the CLI.</note>
    | CVS: $Id: cli.xconf,v 1.1 2003/09/01 14:45:56 zschiesche Exp $

<cocoon verbose="true"
 <broken-links type="text" report="../build/webapp/logs/broken.txt"/>

       | Broken link reporting options:
       |   Report into a text file, one link per line:
       |     <broken-links type="text" report="filename"/>
       |   Report into an XML file:
       |     <broken-links type="xml" report="filename"/>
       |   Ignore broken links (default):
       |     <broken-links type="none"/>
       |   When a page includes an error, should a page be generated?
       |   Two attributes to this node specify whether a page should
       |   be generated when an error occured. 'generate' specifies
       |   whether a page should be generated (default: true) and
       |   extension specifies an extension that should be appended
       |   to the generated page's filename (default: none)
       |     <broken-links generate="true" extension=".error.txt"/>

   <broken-links type="xml"

       |  Load classes at startup. This is necessary for generating
       |  from sites that use SQL databases and JDBC.
       |  The <load-class> element can be repeated if multiple classes
       |  are needed.

   <logging log-kit="../etc/logkit4cli.xconf" logger="cli" level="DEBUG" />

       |  The context directory is usually the webapp directory
       |  containing the sitemap.xmap file.
       |  The config file is the cocoon.xconf file.
       |  The work directory is used by Cocoon to store temporary
       |  files and cache files.
       |  The destination directory is where generated pages will
       |  be written (assuming the 'simple' mapper is used)

       | Specifies the filename to be appended to URIs that
       | refer to a directory (i.e. end with a forward slash).


       |  Specifies a user agent string to the sitemap when
       |  generating the site.

       |  Specifies an accept string to the sitemap when generating
       |  the site.

       |  Specifies the URIs that should be generated (using <uri>
       |  elements, and (if necessary) what should be done with the
       |  generated pages.
       |  The old behaviour - appends uri to the specified destination
       |  directory (as specified in <dest-dir>):
       |   <uri>documents/index.html</uri>
       |  Append: append the generated page's URI to the end of the
       |  source URI:
       |   <uri type="append" src-prefix="documents/" src="index.html"
       |   dest="build/dest/"/>
       |  Replace: Completely ignore the generated page's URI - just
       |  use the destination URI:
       |   <uri type="replace" src-prefix="documents/" src="index.html"
       |   dest="build/dest/docs.html"/>
       |  Insert: Insert generated page's URI into the destination
       |  URI at the point marked with a * (example uses fictional
       |  zip protocol)
       |   <uri type="insert" src-prefix="documents/" src="index.html"
       |   dest="zip://*.zip/page.html"/>

   <uri>favicon.ico</uri> +-->

       |  File containing URIs (plain text, one per
       |  line).


snippet from build.xml

       <arg line="-x src/${kaibox.web.home}/etc/cli.xconf  "/>

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Andrea Pöschel
Knowledge Engine Development
AIDOS Software AG
Dresdner Str. 7
D-01662 Meißen

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