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From Thomas Nichols <>
Subject Docs or examples for modular database actions?
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2003 15:33:40 GMT

I'm building a simple CrUD (Create/Update/Delete) db app, similar to the 
users/groups and users/depts examples, and I'd like to use
     - XSP/ESQL for queries (some of which could get quite complex)
     - modular DB actions for insert / update / delete.

This is from experimentation and from studying
     - Christian Haul's excellent GT 2003 paper:
     - the "modular database block" example and docs
     - the "How to develop Web Apps" tutorial:
     - the "ModularDatabaseActions" wiki item:
     - the Modules" Wiki - input/output/db:
  as well as a pile of assorted introductory materials and the Moczar and 
Aston book.

I'm still stumped :-(

Cocoon in general is IMHO just excellent; XSP/ESQL is very straightforward, 
works splendidly.
Flow/Woody look very good indeed, but a lot more complex than I need right 
now - I hope to use this for a larger upcoming project, when I have a 
better grasp of the basics.
ModularDB actions, however, still have me baffled. Before cluttering up the 
list with boring RTFM questions, I'd like to check which F***ing Manual I 
should be reading :-)

Are there any other ModularDB examples out there? Any more docs I should 
read? Searching the list archives I can find other similar questions with 
few answers, does this mean ModularDB is best left until it is more stable 
/ better documented?

Thanks for your time,

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