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From Alexander Schatten <>
Subject Re: Cocoon activity
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2003 13:12:09 GMT
Joerg Heinicke wrote:

> But there is also another possible effect: If there are only Cocoon 
> sources available why not take the sources directly from CVS. This is 
> what we are doing here in the company. The updating process can be 
> done much easier, you have to download less.

this might be true, but I really doubt the effect by the following reason:

(1) the percentage of "experts" that know how to use the CVS is rather 
constant and will not have been exploded during one month

(2)  newbies and other normal users downloaded the distributions before, 
why should they just jump to the CVS? I know no non-Cocoon expert who 
would come to the idea using the CVS

(3) Many (even me) are very unsure about using the CVS: in my case it  
is not that I could not use the CVS, I did several times, but what  I do 
not know is the status of the code in the CVS: usually there is a good 
reason to use the distribution and not the CVS for production use.

(4) the CVS "download" is not so easy to find. most users (particularly 
new ones) definitly will follow the download link and there is no 
explanation of CVS; there is only a reference to CVS nightly snapshots 
with the following text:

"*NOTE:* The nightly CVS snapshots are not tested and are not guaranteed 
to even build cleanly without generating errors. Download and use them 
if (and only if) you know /exactly/ what you are doing."

believe me: no one who came so far and is no real expert in Cocoon would 
come to the idea of using the CVS...

so to conclude: I believe, *only* users that *really* know what they do, 
might have used CVS before, and will do so after. so I really do not 
believe in a significant "CVS effect",

I simply believe, that (again) the Cocoon publishing mechanism is 
*really* unfriendly to new and unskilled users like screaming: "this is 
guru zone: newbies go to PHP" with three exclamation marks.

unfortunately :-(


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