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From Sandor Spruit <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 2.1.x beginner needs guidance to resolve specific key issues
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 14:14:31 GMT wrote:
> they are samples for authentication and webdav in "samples" area
> for uploading they are several threads in this list

Yup. You are right, but I've read most of the "several threads" and 
looked at examples - as any long-time mailing list user should do :)
They do not resolve the *specific* issues as described, in particular:

- I have as yet been unable to find out how the "webdav" example is
   exposed to the outside world. Where is the mapping? What is it that
   allows me to connect "network places" (Windows Explorer) to the "repo"
   directory, but not to other directories?
   (Tomcat is quite clear in this respect: stuff gets routed through the
   webdav servlet that comes with it)

- The stuff that comes with the webdav example states that it allows for
   *read-only* access, which is obviously insufficient for XML editing;
   (Tomcat allows for read/write access, I've tested this using MS Word)

- The authentification is done through actions, too. Just like the file
   upload. Suppose I want part of my site to be protected. Suppose this
   site consists of many, say 100, subsites. One for each student. There
   has to be an elegant solution here. Not 100 subsitemaps with dozens of
   map:act elements to cover every document. That won't do - especially
   because I'd like students to edit their own sitemap as an exercise :)


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