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From Alexander Schatten <>
Subject YES! CLI solved!!
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 21:59:45 GMT
Upayavira wrote:

> If you want to follow links, you must not use 'replace'. It looks to 
> me like you should use:
>   <uris name="CocoonDay" follow-links="true">
>       <uri type="append"
>           src-prefix="cocoon-day"
>           src="index.html"
>           dest="build/dest/cocoon-day-site/"/>
>   </uris> 
> Are you using confirm-links="true"? If so, you need to have a links 
> view in your sitemap. Otherwise, try changing confirm-links to false.
> With confirm-links=true and no link view, it cannot follow links.

all right, I did not know that one, mainly also because there is no 
confirm-links attribute in the default cli.xconf

besides the uris above does not work too, but the following is working:

    <uris name="CocoonDay" follow-links="true">
        <uri type="append"

small difference (/) but that matters...

additionally I set the root element like this:

<cocoon verbose="true" 

and now everything is created as expected, and also without exceptions. 
interestingly enough, there are tons of exceptions when calling the cli 
without config file as Simon suggested, but both methods do work now!

there is still a slight subtle problem but this is more a problem of my 
site than of Cocoon: I have some links to XML files, which are in fact 
html files, but mozilla detects them as XML in the offline version and 
does not render them correctly, but does it correctly in the servlet 
version. this is obviously, because the server sends the html mime type.

well, I need to modify the site, but this is o.k.

or is there a way, that XML extensions are rewritten to html? but this 
is not important.

however, this was really not the easiest problem I solved with the great 
help of various contributors,

thank you very much!


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