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From Alexander Schatten <>
Subject CLI Still not working ... :-(
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 19:11:07 GMT
Upayavira tried to help me the last days to get the Cocoon CLI running 
to generate the website for a Cocoon-Tutorial Day. Thanks again, I made 
some steps forward but:

after meanwhile days of work, I unfortunately still have no result. I 
came so far, that

(1) I downloaded the recent CVS sources

(2) I modified the by excluding all unstable 
blocks as well as hsqldb

(3) cocoon compiles then.

(4) I install my webapplication, start cocoon in servlet mode--for test 
purpose---and it displays correctly with the url:


so this works fine.

(5) then I use the default cli.xconfig but add/modify:

   <uri type="replace"

    <uris name="CocoonDay" follow-links="true">
        <uri type="replace"

(btw. the default installed example does not work, but this is no 
miracle, as there is no /hello-world/hello.html. I believe, again, that 
at least the default exmaple should work)

o.k. then

(6) ./ cli -x cli.xconf

(7) cli now runs at least without exceptions, with the result:

* [1/0]     [0/0]     3.186s 4.6Kb   cocoon-day/index.html
Total time: 0 minutes 6 seconds,  Site size: 4,752 Site pages: 1

as a matter of fact, not a single result page is created :-(

I tried various combinations in the uri statement, but always with the 
same "null" result...

to be honest, I have no further idea how to proceed.

I really would be glad if someone could help me: I added the cocoonday 
website to:

additionally I copied the cli.xconf into this tar. So if anyone would 
like to check this this would be really glad.

I would have liked to present this offline feature next week, but I have 
to drop it otherwise, as I cannot present something to new users, that 
not even I was able to get up and running in more than a week of hard 

thank you!!



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