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From Alexander Schatten <>
Subject Re: Compilation of Cocoon / Binary Distribution / Different Configurations,
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 14:34:11 GMT
Nicolas Toper wrote:

>Yes, but we would need to rethink the Cocoon build/releases cycles to
>simplify the installation...
no, I do not see why; As an expert one could rather easily provide such 
an binary installation package. no problem at all I see.

>But we first need to know if we want to broaden the user base or the
>situation is fine (cocoon is seen as a powerful but difficult product)
yes, *this* is an important consideration; I have no clear answer yet. I 
would suggest, that we should try to broaden the perspective.

you might not forget, that Cocoon is for many purposes not much more 
complex then e.g. PHP. If you want to do XML publishing and you would 
have the simple installation as described it is not so complex:

with things like Automounting of subsitemaps (great feature) and the like.

you only should remove the complexity from the installation and mark 
*much, much clearer* what is ready for prime-time and what is experimental.

I often hear complaints like: Cocoon is nice, but I do not know where to 
start when I want to solve problem X; there is solution A, B and C, ...

like: a dozen of form frameworks; database actions, SQL transformer, 
XSP, logicsheets, ...

and no "best practice" document that is problem oriented...


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