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From Alexander Schatten <>
Subject Re: Compilation of Cocoon / Binary Distribution / Different Configurations,
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 13:55:20 GMT
Nicolas Toper wrote:

>for instance I know tons of webdeveloper with no formal training and admin
>sys competencies. They use EasyPHP (a great product by the way) to develop
>their websites. Why? B/C it's easy to install on windows and for now
>definitely easier than Cocoon.
(1) yes, this is an important issue. Cocoon < 2 was extremly difficult 
to install; so what I did then for my courses was to bundle a 
tomcat/cocoon installation for my customers to download, because 
otherwise, they would never have used Cocoon

(2) then I was so happy about the 2.0 release, because installation 
meant to get the binary distribution and copy the war file into the 
tomcat webapps directory (also binary distribution available). Although 
an even better solution would have been to bundle tomcat/jetty with 
Cocoon. simple unzip and start.

(3) Now we have the exasperating source distribution/compilation problem 
that in result is an excellent measurement to avoid new Cocoon users 
(particularly when they are no Java developers): If a new user-non Java 
developer reads, that he has to install the JVM and compile Cocoon 
before usage, he will switch to PHP or something else.

(4a) Even worse: there are some details that are very confusing for new 
users: e.g. the "cocoon-latest-..." naming on the download. Even I was 
stumbeling, because I though, this might be some developer snapshot, 
some unstable release and I was searching for some release; and after I 
found no "2.x" marked release I used this one.

(4b) References to cvs are *completley* useless for non-experts. No 
"newbie user" who is not programmer will do this, particularly under 
windows, where you have no cvs clients installed.

So most probably the new distribution strategy is a clear and solid step 

To concluce: if the Cocoon Community is interested in 
non-Java-expert-Cocoon users, there is to provide a binary installation 
that has to be downloaded, unpacked and startet.

this is at least my opinion.


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