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From Alexander Schatten <>
Subject Re: Compilation of Cocoon / Binary Distribution / Different Configurations,
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 12:44:48 GMT
Upayavira wrote:

> Alexander,
> There are a whole host of reasons why we only distribute a source 
> version at present. When we get on with implemening cocoon blocks, all 
> will change. For the time being, a source distribution is what we've 
> got. (Reason for source distribution: it is the only simple way to 
> allow a user to switch on and off different blocks and other bits 
> within Cocoon). It is not possible at present to create a 'production 
> build', as everyone will disagree as to what should go in 'their' 
> production system.
> I certainly agree that the CLI could be made easier to use. For 
> example, I belive that at present, compiling Cocoon with the 
> Authentication framework present, breaks the CLI. That should not happen.

unfortunately this is really an adventure game if you are no Cocoon 
contributor: e.g., I just tried to follow your suggestion and removed 
the authentication block; there is a note about a dependency with the 
session-fw block, and so I removed both of them.

started compilation.

--> error


because there is also the portal block, and this one is depending on 
authentication, I belive, but this dependency is *not* noted...

the last days I spent at least 4-5 hours only trying to compile reduced 
cocoon versions...

so you have to know one thing: in my experience, there are no cocoon 
users I know that do anything else then compile with the default 
settings, except explicit Cocoon contributors, who know, what they do. 
because it is very complex to understand the dependencies and to get 
whats happening. and because (see above) it is an extremly time 
consuming undertaking.

so what you did not answer (as I have to notice, that you do not want to 
share binary versions, and I still do not know why, because there is the 
possibility (as it always was) to provide binary as well as source 
distributions for those who want to configure all stuff by themselve) is 
the following:

cant you provide a set of 3-5 files at least, so that 
every user can choose from a set of working properties the best suited 
for the problem?

> The CLI should work by unpacking the source archive then doing:
> build webapp
> cocoon cli -x cli.xconf
> and off it goes.
> Over time I'll see what I can do to get it there.
yes, I hope too!

btw. I will answer the other email soon, I just want to test, whether 
CLI will work with cocoon compiled with authentication excluded.

thank you for the suggestions!


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