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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: CLI Offline Pages - How to strip off parameters?
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 09:00:41 GMT
Volker Buchenau wrote:

>Are there any ways I can influence the names 
>and links of and in offline pages that are 
>generated through CLI?
As far as I understand, not at present, but it could be added.

>Especially I want the parameters I attached to
>the URL to go away: ?param1=value&param2=value.
>These are included in page names and links of 
>all the files generated.
Why would you want to loose them? Surely foo.html?a=1 is a different 
resource from  foo.html?a=2

>Or would I be better off spidering my site with
>tools like wget as many people suggest in the
>mailing list? Yet they have to be configurable
>as to have the parameters go, too.
<asside>That is always a good way to get changed in the CLI: suggest 
that wget is better ;-)</asside>

>I went trough some pains getting the CLI to
>produce pages at all. Thanks to the CommandLine
>Wiki hint I copied the servlet_2_2.jar to 
>the lib directory (still necessary with 2.1.3-dev). 
I think that the cocoon cli scripts need to be updated to make sure they 
include servlet.jar by default. It will always be needed.

>Also I had to add a <map:views> section to my 
>sub-sitemap which is not inherited from the main 
>sitemap as stated in the Wiki. 
I believe Joerg has corrected my error there.

>Well, now it's up and running. So any hints how 
>to get it perfect?
So, can you explain why you want to strip parameters?

Regards, Upayavira

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