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From Alexander Schatten <>
Subject Compilation of Cocoon / Binary Distribution / Different Configurations,
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 03:02:29 GMT
I want to start a new thread, because I had some "compilation problems" 
during still unsuccessful experiments with cli. but those are (at least 
partly) no cli matters:

(1) To the first point: I believe it to be an extremly bad idea not to 
provide an binary distribution, by many reasons, the following might be 
the most important:

-- a Cocoon newbie has enough to deal with; that he/she also has to 
compile the project is really daunting, believe me! I often hold XML 
courses and also try to introduce Cocoon ...

-- Compilation takes a lot of time; I detected between 5 and 30 minutes, 
depending on configuration and machine. Again: do we want to adress only 
experts? currently we do tax the patience of news users a lot before 
they can even start dealing with the main Cocoon issues...

-- If you want to create versions e.g. for production use, you have to 
invest a lot of time to understand which blocks might be excluded; 
recompilation needs a lot of time and so on... an enerving task!!


(2) I believe, at least 2 or 3 binary distributions have to  be 
available for download.

However, if by some reasons, I might not understand (yet), no binary 
distribution is provided,  then *at least* some example 
should be part of the download like

-- the one currently delivered
-- properties, that make CLI working
-- minimal setup
-- production setup (without examples and documentation)

well, this is at least my opinion.

thank you


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