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From Jan Wielgus <>
Subject Auth.-Framework - using roles
Date Sat, 29 Nov 2003 19:33:52 GMT

I am using the authentication framework to authenticate users and it
works fine. But now I would like to add an admin-panel to my
application so that new users could be added by an admin. But at the
same time, I would like that admin has the same possibilities and
rights as other "normal" users are and can also log in as a normal
user into the system. So I thought this could be made by using roles
so that eg. all some documents would be available for the role
"user" and "admin" but the admin documents (eg the panel) only for
the role "admin". I tried to find an example of such mechanism but
it's difficult - the cocoon portal sample does not give me that much
information. For me the easiest way would be if I could check the
role in the sitemap (within the action tags) and then
redirect/generate the appropiate documents. So for example, if a
normal user tries to get a protected document which requires the
"admin"-role, the he will be redirected to a page that says him, he
is not allowed to see this protected resource. Would it be possible
to do so? How does the role-system actually work in the cocoon
sample portal (sunrise)?
I would be glad for any suggestions..



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